Merchant of Menace

When a pound of flesh is never enough.

Welcome to the Merchant of Menace campaign. The campaign uses the System Reference Documents v3.5 rules and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer campaign setting. This excellent map of Greyhawk has a scale of 30 miles per hex. This Greyhawk calendar highlights important days including lunar cycles.

Spoiler Alert
The campaign is based upon the following modules The Sunless Citadel, The Forge of Fury, The Speaker in Dreams, Heart of Nightfang Spire, Deep Horizon, Lord of the Iron Fortress & Bastion of Broken Souls. It will also incorporate the Istivin City of Shadows modules found in Dungeon Magazine 117-119.

It doesn’t matter if players have played the modules before since the main NPCs are given specific motivations and actively pursue those agendas to the best of the abilities they have. This includes improving defenses, recruiting more allies, and actively attacking opponents. The result is that while the personalities and overall plot lines may be recognizable, the adventures are all highly altered. The spoiler warning is merely for anyone who might not want to read details of a module they intend to play in.

The envisioned campaign will be a blend of action and light immersion role playing, with multiple player parties interacting within the same campaign setting. Ideally PCs will be looking to build temples, guilds, frontier towns, kingdoms and otherwise take leadership roles since I would like the campaign to continue through to Epic possibly even Divine levels. Player versus player intrigues and combat are expected to happen as the game progresses, especially at higher levels.

A timeline of events for the major plots are already worked out with a general rule of thumb being that PCs should advance approximately 1 level per month of game play to be at the appropriate level for the associated modules. If PCs advance faster or slower than this rate the timeline will not be altered so it is possible for players to get involved in adventures that are very easy or too tough for them. Players are not restricted to following the modules and can pursue their own agendas however the timeline is such that the major villains are destined to grow in power and dominate the region if not thwarted by PCs. PC actions will alter some aspects of the timeline by slowing down or aiding the antagonists based upon their actions.

I am targeting 12 players and I already have 5 players who have been playing for about a month of game time already. Check out the adventure logs to see the story so far as told by various NPCs.

I am currently in the process of migrating over to RPTools which I intend to use both for face-to-face sessions and for gaming sessions with remote players. Check out this video to see RPTools in action.

Obsidian Portal will be used for keeping track of game events and providing campaign info to the players.

Merchant of Menace

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