Merchant of Menace

Common Year 595 Reaping 28

A villager child runs into Oakhurst claiming to have seen a hideous creature. Pelo leads a band of militia to find this beast and captures a goblin druid called Bob. Bob claims to have been trained by Belak, the evil druid ruling the Sunless Citadel and the goblin tribe within. Bob claims that if Belak were destroyed then the goblins would be free to live in peace with the village of Oakhurst again.

Bob is interrogated for information on the Sunless Citadel and is able to provide Pelo with maps and numbers of creatures in the Sunless Citadel. Bob also mentions that Belak worships a great tree, callled the Gulthias Tree, that thrives underground and spawns twig blights. The Gulthias Tree also can turn victims into supplicants. There are currently four supplicants, Nate, Link, Sir Braford and Sharwyn Hucrele.

Bob agrees to work with Pelo to defeat Belak and the Gulthias Tree if the party agrees not to kill the goblins.



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