Merchant of Menace

Common Year 595 Richfeast 6

The Richfeast celebrations at the Ol’ Boar Inn are unusually subdued tonight. The Oakhurst Mercenary Company table only has 3 of its normal 6 members present and none of the customary wenches accompanying them. Daniel raises a mug in a solemn toast.

Today the devils of the Sunless Citadel claimed four great heroes. Join me in a toast by raising your mug for Albert, Bart, Charlie and Nate for today they died.

Common Year 595 Richfeast 5

Garon is obviously nervous as beads of sweat form on his forehead and a growing sweat stains under his armpits are clearly visible on his tunic. He takes a moment from cleaning a mug, to use his all-purpose cloth to wipe the sweat from his forehead and underarms before continuing to use it to wipe most of the stale beer from the mug. Placing the mug into his clean pile, he continues on with the next mug as he talks.

It’s been quite the day at the Ol’ Boar Inn. I always gets nervous when that she-wolf Hucrele enters me bar but even she is not as scary as that small yellow witch Grenl with her hairy guard Balsag. To have both of them in my bar haggling over magical apples is the one thing that ruins me Richfeast celebrations every year. I thought Hucrele was going to bear fangs and eat that Nate kid when he started bidding against her for the apple but it didn’t take long for him to back down when she threatened to call in his loan. Of course Hucrele won the apple auction as she always does.

That wasn’t even the strangest part of me day. I overheard the elf Aidan actually talking with Grenl as if they were old friends. If I thought it were possible for the little witch to have a heart, I would think Grenl was actually in love with the elf by the way she was acting. It makes one’s blood run cold thinking of the sort of friends that elf makes. I suppose it should not be surprising though since I hear he is the son of Engrim, possibly the most ruthless merchant in all of Sterich. I hear the father like the son doesn’t mind dealing with any matter of creatures whether from this world or another, as long as they can pay his outrageous prices.

That wasn’t even the only strange romance encounter happening in the Inn today. Chelly crushed Leifal’s romantic advances in a very public fashion at the auction utterly humiliating the lad. Not that he didn’t deserve it. That Leifal has always been too cocky and overbearing for my taste, lording it over everyone just because he is a town guardsman. I’d be worried that Leifal will exact some type of revenge against Chelly but I doubt she will survive long enough to give him the chance. She went off today to the Sunless Citadel along with Nate and the Oakhurst Mercenary company. They survived again saying they broke down another door carved with more strange creatures. They came back with a strange globe that they said could magically glow and play music but it didn’t seem to do anything that I could see.

Common Year 595 Richfeast 4

Albert again interrupts the Richfeast celebrations at the Ol’ Boar Inn to propose a toast.

Everyone join me in raising your cup in memory of Karakas, who’s death at the vicious fangs of the Mother of All Rats and her evil spawn. Karakas perhaps some day soon we may recover your body from the dung heap where it now lies but know at least that your death has been avenged and the rats that slew you have all been slain in turn.

After a brief moment of silence in memory of Karakas, Albert raises his tankard again.

A toast also to Aidan, possibly the luckiest elf alive for surviving poisonous gas and scything blade traps and to Nate for finally finding us some loot, even if we did have to battle the undead themselves to pry the loot from their bony hands. So raise your mug with me cause tomorrow we may die!

Common Year 595 Richfeast 3

Albert and his 5 buddies are boisterously celebrating another Richfeast night at the Ol’ Boar Inn when he loudly raises a toast for everyone to hear.

As the Captain of the newly formed Oakhurst Mercenary Company, the only Company that has successfully raided the Sunless Citadel twice and lived to tell the tale, I would like to make a toast. To Kerowyn Hucrele, the patron of our new Company, may we all prosper under her wise council and to Aidan and Nate may their wounds heal fast so that we can get back to the Citadel and find us some real loot! So raise your mug with me cause tomorrow we may die!

Common Year 595 Richfeast 2

The Ol’ Boar Inn is busy with patrons celebrating Richfeast but one table of 6 men, each with at least one young lady sitting on their lap, is especially raucous. Over the general noise you can hear the ringleader of the group, Albert, trying to impress the ladies with tales of their battle prowess.

First, we came to this pitch dark crevice in the earth. It was like the Oerth had not only opened her mouth and swallowed the castle whole but also all the light in the area. So down we went into the dark, with nothing but our clubs, some torches and our courage to protect us. At the bottom of the crevice you could see the top of what was once the citadel with rubble all around.

As we approached the citadel, a swarm of rats the size of large dogs came rushing at us from all sides out of the rubble. We bashed them over the head with our clubs and torches until nothing moved then we continued into the citadel.

The citadel was full of rotting bodies which he had to step over until we made it to the great stone door carved with all sorts of monstrous creatures. The cleric Nate bashed away at the door with his mace while the rest of us stood guard for attackers. It didn’t take long before a horde of these horned devil creatures tried to make their way into the corridor. We managed to hold the door shut for a while but eventually the little devils managed to pry the door open a crack.

That was when the damnedest thing happened, Breezie waved at the lead devil and said something I didn’t understand but it turns out the two of them were friends! She was able to convince the devil to leave us alone while we finished opening up the stone door but they must have been afraid of whatever was behind the stone door as they barricaded the door from the other side when they learned what we were doing.

I am not sure what all the fuss was about because when we finally got the door busted down there was nothing inside but a bunch of rusty iron keg with pipes that still sloshed some liquid inside it. Nate recognized the pipes as some sort of fancy outhouse of no worth so we just left it there and came back home.

We may yet find something though since we are going back tomorrow. Turns out that Erky Timbers went missing yesterday and his fiance Corkie believes he may have been captured by the devils in the Sunless Citadel. Another elf has come to town called Aidan, who has agreed to pay our wages so tomorrow we are going back in to become heroes. So kiss me baby cause tomorrow we may die!

Common Year 595 Richfeast 1

Shorty is sitting at a table at the Ol’ Boar Inn with a tankard of ale in front of him nearly as tall as he is. His words are a little slurred but you make out most of it.

Happy Richfeast stranger! Quite the party. Here have a drink. I was just telling my new friend here how I made me some real gold recently.

So Garon comes to me you see with a proposition. Well actually he comes to Frodo and me you see. Garon’s a good friend of mine. He brings me beer. I like beer. I like Garon bringing me beer. So Garon comes to me with this idea. Apparently this mystery elf warrior Link and his buddy Nate have busted into the Sunless Citadel and have found themselves a big stone door with monster fish carved on it that they cannot get opened.

So Garon gets it in his head that there is a treasure hoard behind this door and starts talking of pearls and pirate treasure and such. We ain’t even near the sea. More likely the place is for storing trout and the door maker likes to tell fish stories. Anyways, Garon he wants Frodo and I to help this Link guy to get through the door.

No one’s who’s gone into the Sunless Citadel has ever come back alive! At least not until this Link elf and his human sidekick came along and they were only barely alive when they returned! I like Garon’s beer and there’s no where else to drink in town so I want to keep Garon happy you see. So Frodo and I we agree to meet with Garon’s guests.

So I meets with this Link and he don’t look so tough. Sure he’s gots shiny new armor and weapons but I don’t think he’s got any fuzz on his peaches if you know what I mean. He starts talking all charge in and storm the castle suicide type stuff. And there ain’t no way Frodo and I are goin’ with them but we don’t want to upset Garon, especially not during Richfeast week so we quote this Link guy a huge sum of gold, knowing full well they can’t afford to pay us.

Turns out this Breezie singer has been making some good tips though and she has saved up some decent coin. Well Garon convinces her to join this Link as an investment opportunity. Never one to turn down literally a golden opportunity, Frodo and I agree to find them some local lads willing to accompany them on their expedition for a small finders fee of course.

You can always count on Albert, Bart, Charlie, Daniel, Eli and Fred to be stupid enough and tough enough to take on any jobs involving busting heads for a few silvers. Find them a good club and some padded armor and away they go. So it was I made me a nice finders fee just in time for Richfeast.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 28

Mialee remains comfortably seated cross-legged on a rock, casually feeding the raven on her shoulder bread crumbs. A closed book lies in her lap as she gazes out towards the rising sun. Apparently oblivious to your presence she carries on a conversation with the raven who answers back!

Mialee asks,
bq). So Gossip, is it true? Did this Link truly enter into the Sunless Citadel and single-handedly fight off a swarm of kobolds and rats?

Gossip replies,
bq). The rumor is that Nate went with him and that the two of them barely made it back alive but otherwise it appears that everyone believes their tale.

Mialee sighs,
bq). He must truly be a brave warrior then.

Gossip replies before taking flight and ending the conversation,
bq). If you say so. At least he seems better than that strutting peacock Leifal who was chasing your tail feathers until that other new elf arrived.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 27

Kerowyn looks up from her ledgers and appears to size up your total net worth in but an instant, as she says,

It’s true I offered this new elven a warrior, Link, a reward if he could find out what happened to my niece Sharwyn and my nephew Talgen. He came to town well equipped with arms and armor so I assume he knows how to fight. No one else in town is willing to enter the Sunless Citadel so I must rely on strangers. But that is enough small talk. Time is gold. What manner of business have you come to discuss?

Common Year 595 Wealsun 26

Leifal leans lazily against the building corner never taking his eyes off of Chelly as she obliviously trains her fast growing puppy Prince. Without even acknowledging your existence, Leifal rouses himself and moves away. You barely catch him ominously muttering,

She may not know it yet but she will be mine.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 25

Corkie closes the door quietly as she pulls up a high stool to sit at the human sized table. In hushed tones so as not to awaken anyone in the other room she says,

Nothing to worry about. Nate‘s wounds were just infected and he caught himself a mild case of Filth Fever. It was caught early enough and is easily treated. Don’t you worry none though it’s not contagious, unless he bites you of course!


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