Merchant of Menace

Common Year 595 Reaping 7

Tears of joy freely run down Corkie’s face as she hugs Erky at their reunion and says,

I am so happy you are free my love. I prayed to Pelor every morning and night to keep you safe and he has answered my prayers. It’s a miracle. Sparkles, Chelly and Pelo I would like to thank you for rescuing my dear Erky. Chelly, I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of precious Prince. May Pelor protect him.

Common Year 595 Reaping 6

The raven Gossip is obviously agitated and highly alert, as Mialee strokes the bird’s feathers trying to calm it down.

She’s worried because of today’s raven attack on the Ol’ Boar Inn wood shed. She is worried that everyone will start shooting arrows at raven’s on sight. I keep telling her that I won’t let anyone harm her but she doesn’t trust humans. Unfortunately, I think it may be an elf behind the raven attacks.

Ravens do not carry alchemist fire and drop them on buildings without someone training them. So looking at who has the means, motive, and opportunity, I am forced to believe that Chelly is behind these attacks. She knows how to train animals and she has the motive. She has been desparately been trying to get an elf boyfriend and all the men have been chasing me instead of her. First Leifal spurned her advances when he found out what she was truly like. Then Link gave me a ring to show me his affection. Even Aidan and I formed successful adventuring bond when we rescued that cleric Nate from the kobolds. Finally she spends most of her time alone training that dog of hers at which time she could easily be training birds as well.

It seems clear to me that Chelly burned down that wood shed freeing Aidan’s white dragon wyrmling Calcryx in anger for Aidan not paying attention to her. She probably used ravens to try to frame poor Gossip and I because she is jealous because all the men like me better than her.

Common Year 595 Reaping 5

Karvin is sitting at a table by himself at the Ol’ Boar Inn chewing on a chunk of ice he peeled from the edge of his frozen mug.

Cold beer truly does taste better and even the ice does wonders for cooling the thorat on these hot summer nights. I think Garon may have finally hit upon a get rich scheme that may work. He may need it since I heard two of his guests, Nate and Link, failed to return from their shrubbery butchering expedition today. Perhaps those two finally met a plant that could defend itself. Here want to try some of this ice?

Common Year 595 Reaping 4

Karvin finishes hitching the last horse to his cart as he prepares to take the cart out into the wilderness.

Sorry it’s getting late and I need to hurry. I’ve heard that Nate and Link slew a bear today and just left its carcass to rot. No animal deserves to die such a wasteful death. I shall skin it and recover what meat I can. I can understand the callousness of the human cleric but I thought an elf would be more respectful of nature.

Perhaps we can meet later at the Ol’ Boar Inn. I hear that Garon is using that dragon Calcryx to create ice for fruit drinks and to cool his beer. I hear it’s supposed to be quite good especially on a hot summer day like today.

Common Year 595 Reaping 3

Karvin picks up one of the rose bush branches strewn around the area, causing it’s petals to float away in the light breeze.

I fear today more innocent shrubbery will fall victim to Nate and Link’s vicious attacks. Truly it would have been wiser to send them against the giant bee hive to the east or perhaps the giant ant colony to the west.

Common Year 595 Reaping 2

Karvin watches as the pair of dogs tug and tear at the thorn bush, trying to uproot their inanimate adversary but wary of the prickly thorns. He pauses long enough from the training exercise to comment.

It ain’t my place but methinks that Mayor Leng may have erred in his punishment for the newcomers who defied his ban on entering the Sunless Citadel. He sent Nate and Link out to slay all the twig critters in the area you know. I saw them earlier today slashing at some of the Mayor’s wife’s favorite rose bushes. Those two do not have any idea whether a bush is just a bush or some sort of plant monster. In the end, I fear that they won’t kill anything other than some random shrubbery.

I heard that Matriarch Hucrele intervened on behalf of Aidan and his token punishment was to merely create some scrolls for the Matriarch which she has agreed to donate to the defense of Oakhurst. It was an exceptionally light punishment. The guards are wondering if it is due to Hucrele’s influence or whether the Mayor fears retribution from Aidan’s father since it is well known that those who cross Engrim frequently disappear mysteriously.

Common Year 595 Reaping 1

Garon drops his only cloth on the floor and uses his foot to use it to mop up some vomit from the floor. Gingerly picking up the cloth with two fingers he heads to the door and flicks the cloth a couple of times to get most of the vomit off the cloth before returning to the bar.

One of these days, I am going to have to get me another cloth. It’ll be a week before that vomit stench wears off. With the Richfeast celebrations over, I suppose the Inn will be slow enough that no one will notice anyway. Looks like, I may be losing some of me longer term guests.

It was the most brazen thing I have ever seen in all my years. Just yesterday, Mayor Leng forbade anyone from enterring the Sunless Citadel so as to not provide the sunless devils with any more ransom. So what does this Aidan, Nate and Link do first thing this morning? Off they head to the Sunless Citadel, as if they haven’t got a care in the world for what the Mayor says!

The three of them would be in chains right now except they appear to have been extremely successful in their raid. They says they killed all the horned devils although they say Grenl and her yellow devils are still there. They brought back one of the horned devils as proof, he is even acting as Aidan’s servant nonetheless!

That isn’t even the wildest part. Aidan brought back with him a tiny dragon, he calls Calcryx, who’s breath can turn a man’s blood into ice! It’s only barely alive but he’s got it tied up in me woodshed, with his horned devil standing guard.

Regardless of how successful they are, I suspect that the Mayor is greatly upset that his authority has been undermined. I hears that both the Hucreles and Corkie are interceding for the three with the Mayor right now pleading for leniency! If the Mayor has the three executed, I wonder if I can keep the dragon. Must be some sort of way I could use it to drum up more business…

Common Year 595 Richfeast 7

Jozan makes an uncustomary appearance at the Ol’ Boar Inn on the last night of the Richfeast celebration accompanied by the remaining three members of the Oakhurst Mercenary Company. Jozan bears a mean scowl and his conversation with the others is loud enough for anyone to easily hear.

I tell you something ain’t right about it. Why is only Nate alive and not the rest of the party? When I agreed to accompany you guys with Aidan and Mialee to the Sunless Citadel to ransom back the bodies of your fallen, it was partly because I wanted to see for myself that this Nate was truly dead. I knew somehow he would sell his soul to those sunless devils and survive. He is not a true cleric of Pelor. I am sure this is all part of some diabolical plan of his. Look at the results. Three of Oakhurst‘s finest are dead and the sunless devils now have more weapons and armor with which to attack us. I don’t know why High Priestess Nackle cannot see how evil Nate truly is. He probably has her under some sort of spell. Something needs to be done about Nate before he corrupts this whole town.

The Oakhurst Mercenary Company members quietly nod their heads in apparent agreement.


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