Merchant of Menace

Common Year 595 Wealsun 19 (Campaign Start)

Garon spits in the clay mug and vigorously wipes it, trying to remove some unknown residue staining the bottom of the mug. After a few seconds he shrugs, obviously giving up on getting the residue to come out, and pours your drink into the mug. Looking around the vacant bar room and obviously deciding he has nothing better to do, Garon strikes up a conversation.

Aye, business be looking up. I got me three new guests today. Looks like they may be meaning to stay awhile as well. Perhaps that old she-wolf Kerowyn Hucrele may not foreclose on me inn this month after all. Of course, that depends on these three staying alive. They were asking dangerous questions. Wanting to know about the Sunless Citadel and all. I told them what everyone in Oakhurst knows, which be precious little.

Of course everyone knows that when the Sterich army reclaimed Oakhurst back in 588 that a small group of goblins holed up in the Sunless Citadel and that they has been there ever since. I tried warning them off the place since I do not be wanting me only guests to be getting themselves killed. I mentioned how that shiny knight, Sir Braford, came into town only a week ago and lured those Hucrele kids, Sharwyn and Talgen, plus Karakos into exploring the Sunless Citadel and not one of them has returned!

I even mentioned how shortly after the goblins retreated into the Citadel how another man, calling himself Belak as I recall, came to town asking about the Citadel only to disappear into its depths never to return either. He was a strange one indeed reeking of mystery and more than a little bit questionable in the head if you know what I mean. He had the biggest frog with him that you ever saw and he wanted to keep it in a room with him!

Finally I warned them of the strange beasts stalking the night draining cattle of all their blood. Dozens of holes piercing the carcasses but the meat not even touched. It is no normal beast stalking the night I say and not even the bravest of our cattle herders dare leave his stock out at night any more.

But this young rooster parading around for two impressionable young chicks would not be dissuaded he kept pestering me for more information. I know the type. Vagabonds seeking quick riches but only finding a quick death.

Finally, I told him what I knew he wanted, tales of riches and magic. I told him of the magic apples that the goblins bring to town twice a year and how rumor has it that Sir Braford’s sword was magical. But I didn’t tell him of the reward that the old she-wolf Hucrele is offering for her lost pups. That bloodsucking moneylender can do her own dirty work. Wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out she is the one draining all the cattle for not producing enough milk each month to cover the interest on the grass they eat!

Bah now I be in a foul humor. You got me all worked up! If you be looking for the strangers last I heard the boy was headed to the Temple of Pelor. Nate was his name. The elf was called Chelly and the pretty one was Breezie.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 20

Jozan furtively looks around the street to make certain no one is listening and then in a quiet conspiratorial tone he whispers:

Don’t tell anyone, I told you this but that new cleric of Pelor, Nate, that arrived yesterday nearly got himself and the two women with him, an elf named Chelly and a spellcaster named Breezie, killed today. They were going to explore the Sunless Citadel but my understanding is that they didn’t even make it to the old ruins. They were scared off by a couple of little rats that bit them along the route. So much for the vaunted promising one that High Priest Forgrim sent to aid High Priestess Nackle. I am a much better cleric then this pathetic loser.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 21

Garon rhythmically nods his head to the beat of Breezie’s fast paced shanty song about girls wanting to have fun, as he used his heavily stained ever-present all-purpose cloth to quickly wipe out another dirty bowl and refill it with some more cabbage soup for the next customer. He scans over the small crowd of townsfolk with a pleased smile, pausing from his bar-tending duties just long enough to say:

Breezie’s never sang before. It’s her first night and the crowd loves her. I discovered her you know. I just took one look at her and I knew with a healthy set of lungs like hers, she would have to be a great singer. The Ol’ Boar Inn hasn’t been this busy since last Brewfest! That old she-wolf Hucrele will get her blood money this month, as I got me a gold mine!

All I need to do is keep Breezie away from that elf, Chelly. The elf is not only a bad influence she is going to get Breezie killed with her crazed schemes. I heard Chelly has convinced one of the local cattle herders to give her a cow if she can catch the beast that is stalking the night. Apparently Chelly has convinced that new cleric, Nate, to join her in camping out over night. They want to be attacked! Hopefully, I can convince Breezie to see reason and stay inside tonight.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 22

Karvin lazily throws 3 sticks out into the field and pauses. The large dog beside him makes no move but keeps its eyes firmly focused on Karvin’s hand. At last Karvin points to where the leftmost stick landed and says ‘Fetch’. The dog enthusiastically runs off in search of its prize. While he waits for the dog to return, Karvin says:

Looks like I may have me some competition. I hear tell that there’s a new ranger in town and that she’s fixin’ to set her self up as an animal trainer. This Chelly even bought herself a puppy and got herself a cow of all things. I’m not sure what’s she’s a-planning on teaching the cow but who knows what tricks she may have up her sleeve since she seems to be a crafty one. She even caught herself, with some help from that new cleric Nate, some of these twig critters that have been stalking the cattle at night. They’ve been a mysterious blight on this land for a while now and I’m glad we finally know what we are up against.

Now Mayor Leng wants me to train some of his dogs to hunt down and attack these twig critters. Should be simple enough, as it comes natural enough for a dog to fetch a twig or tug on a branch that’s being pulled away. I’m sure the Mayor will be keeping an eye on this Chelly, as he likes elves. Best I be getting back to training the dog before the Mayor gives my job to Chelly.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 23

A strong mixture of odors come from the bundle of herbs tucked under Jozan‘s arm. He doesn’t seem to be in any hurry and stops to talk with you on the street but only in hushed tones.

That new cleric Nate has done it this time. He went off to the Sunless Citadel again with that crazy elf Chelly. Fortunately for him Chelly managed to carry him back to High Priestess Nackle before he bled to death. Still it’s an embarrassment to Pelor that one of his servants would need to be saved by a non-believer. It wouldn’t surprise me if the High Priestess shipped him back to Brindinford in disgrace once he has fully recovered.

Chelly claims it was kobolds that nearly killed Nate but I saw some wounds that were clearly bite marks. I suspect that ran into some more rats again.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 24

Garon snaps his handy cloth towel at the bug climbing along the ridge of his cold pot of soup, causing the bug to fall into the cabbage soup. Garon puts the lid on the pot and quips:

At least tomorrow’s soup will have some meat in it. Business has been so slow the last couple of days, that even Breezie‘s songs cannot bring in anyone to the Inn. It’s like everyone is just resting after a big fight and nothing is happening.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 25

Corkie closes the door quietly as she pulls up a high stool to sit at the human sized table. In hushed tones so as not to awaken anyone in the other room she says,

Nothing to worry about. Nate‘s wounds were just infected and he caught himself a mild case of Filth Fever. It was caught early enough and is easily treated. Don’t you worry none though it’s not contagious, unless he bites you of course!

Common Year 595 Wealsun 26

Leifal leans lazily against the building corner never taking his eyes off of Chelly as she obliviously trains her fast growing puppy Prince. Without even acknowledging your existence, Leifal rouses himself and moves away. You barely catch him ominously muttering,

She may not know it yet but she will be mine.

Common Year 595 Wealsun 27

Kerowyn looks up from her ledgers and appears to size up your total net worth in but an instant, as she says,

It’s true I offered this new elven a warrior, Link, a reward if he could find out what happened to my niece Sharwyn and my nephew Talgen. He came to town well equipped with arms and armor so I assume he knows how to fight. No one else in town is willing to enter the Sunless Citadel so I must rely on strangers. But that is enough small talk. Time is gold. What manner of business have you come to discuss?

Common Year 595 Wealsun 28

Mialee remains comfortably seated cross-legged on a rock, casually feeding the raven on her shoulder bread crumbs. A closed book lies in her lap as she gazes out towards the rising sun. Apparently oblivious to your presence she carries on a conversation with the raven who answers back!

Mialee asks,
bq). So Gossip, is it true? Did this Link truly enter into the Sunless Citadel and single-handedly fight off a swarm of kobolds and rats?

Gossip replies,
bq). The rumor is that Nate went with him and that the two of them barely made it back alive but otherwise it appears that everyone believes their tale.

Mialee sighs,
bq). He must truly be a brave warrior then.

Gossip replies before taking flight and ending the conversation,
bq). If you say so. At least he seems better than that strutting peacock Leifal who was chasing your tail feathers until that other new elf arrived.


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