Merchant of Menace

Common Year 595 Goodmonth 1

Maenion, Pelo, Chelly, Breezy, Aidan, Bob, and Bob’s wolf companion decide to practice combat together before attempting to invade the Sunless Citadel. They choose to kill off the remaining 10 Giant Bees in the Great Hive.

The party is successful in destroying the Giant Bee honey collection business that was a key ingredient in the local honey mead. The halflings that ran the business are not amused however the party does earn 500 XP each. Bob’s wolf is extremely sick with giant bee poison.

Common Year 595 Reaping 28

A villager child runs into Oakhurst claiming to have seen a hideous creature. Pelo leads a band of militia to find this beast and captures a goblin druid called Bob. Bob claims to have been trained by Belak, the evil druid ruling the Sunless Citadel and the goblin tribe within. Bob claims that if Belak were destroyed then the goblins would be free to live in peace with the village of Oakhurst again.

Bob is interrogated for information on the Sunless Citadel and is able to provide Pelo with maps and numbers of creatures in the Sunless Citadel. Bob also mentions that Belak worships a great tree, callled the Gulthias Tree, that thrives underground and spawns twig blights. The Gulthias Tree also can turn victims into supplicants. There are currently four supplicants, Nate, Link, Sir Braford and Sharwyn Hucrele.

Bob agrees to work with Pelo to defeat Belak and the Gulthias Tree if the party agrees not to kill the goblins.

Common Year 595 Reaping 27

Pelo, Eagle Master, Sapphire Hunter and Maenion enter the Sunless Citadel. They kill 4 goblin guards while 2 goblins escape. Sapphire Hunter disables an arrow trap. The party solves a riddle to open a secret door behind which they find a small flying humanoid that kills Sapphire Hunter. Eagle Master bravely sacrifices his life by slowing down the winged humanoid so that Maenion and Pelo can escape with his wounded eagle.

Party earns 250 XP each but only Pelo and Meanion survive.

Common Year 595 Reaping 26

Eagle Master recovers. A new rogue in town, Sapphire Hunter, robs Maenion but is later caught by Pelo when he tries to escape through’s Pelo’s inn room. Sapphire Hunter agrees to work with party in exchange for not being thrown in jail.

Maenion, Eagle Master and Pelo earn 100 xp for capturing rogue.

Common Year 595 Reaping 25

Pelo, Eagle Master and Maenion hunt down the 12 twig blights that nearly killed the party before to clear the path to the Sunless Citadel.

Each party member earned 400 xp.

Common Year 595 Reaping 24

Fears of a bird flu epidemic in Oakhurst appear to have been exaggerated as no human infected hosts are found nevertheless gangs of youth still use slings to kill any flying birds they can find.

Common Year 595 Reaping 23

A strange cackling raven is seen in Oakhurst on the well before swiftly being eaten by an eagle. The omen is taken as a bad sign as rumour spreads that a mysterious bird flu is infecting the town and is threatening to kill everyone in it. Several outsiders known to be associated with birds (familiars and animal companions) are quarantined in jail. Rumours abound that the temple of Pelor is hoarding medicinal supplies.


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